Open Access Policy

Slovenské divadlo journal promotes the idea of an open science and contributes to it by providing an unlimited open access to the content published in the journal. The journal is entirely funded by its publisher and it operates on a non-profit basis. For this reason, all articles published in the journal are available to readers for free.

Every user is free to read, download, copy, distribute, transmit, print, search or link to full text articles without requesting prior permission from the publisher or the author. This does not apply to the cases of the commercial use of texts and unethical use of texts or parts thereof that would in any way be in conflict with the journal’s publishing ethics and the generally accepted good practices in the field of scientific/academic research, publication and use of its outputs (e.g., data distortion, plagiarism, compilation, attribution of co-authors, unrecognised duplicate/simultaneous publishing, division of publications into multiple articles, recycling of texts, reciprocal citation of related peers, misrepresentation of citation, unrecognised conflict of interest and violation of copyright).

No fees are charged to authors for filing, processing and publishing articles published in the journal, or any other fee.