Publishing Ethic

The principles of publishing in the journal Slovenské divadlo [Slovak Theatre] are governed by the Code of Ethics of publication practice in the documents of the international forum Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) –

Plagiarism, the use of untrustworthy sources, the publication of false data or the violation of good manners is unacceptable and is grossly in contradiction with the publishing ethics of Slovenské divadlo journal (e.g., data distortion, plagiarism, compilation, attribution of co-authors, unrecognized duplicate/simultaneous publishing, division of publications into multiple articles, recycling of texts, mutual (reciprocal) citation of related colleagues, misrepresentation of citation, unrecognised conflict of interest and copyright and intellectual property rights violation.

The publication policy of Slovenské divadlo shall not consider for publication manuscripts that:

  • Have been simultaneously submitted for review and publishing to another journal or to a different publication platform;
  • Have been previously published in full or in part, unless their content has been substantially revised. In isolated cases, the journal’s advisory board may decide on an exception and only if it is a re-issue of a work of major importance in another language and the work has the potential to significantly enrich scientific knowledge in a given field/discipline and hit a broader audience of readers;
  • Contain unfair, incorrect or misleading data or unreported data, texts, parts of texts by other authors, etc. (i.e., the authors present the published and unpublished findings and outputs of the research of other authors as their own without a prior written consent and a fair citing of the original source) and which have the nature of a fabricated work or bear the signs of tampering with evidence and reasoning;
  • Have not been approved for publication by all co-authors, including the use of images (if applicable);
  • Include copyrighted material to which the authors have not provided appropriate permits;
  • Do not contain acknowledgements regarding individuals, organisations, funding agencies and projects which facilitated or significantly contributed to research and to the manuscript drafting;
  • Contain abusive, offensive, racist, xenophobic or otherwise inappropriate claims, encourage hostile, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate attitudes towards individuals or groups;

  • Are not attached to the granting of consent to be published by all authors and co-authors, including authors and licensees of image and photographic material.